William Buchelle custom built contemporary Kentucky rifle

A fine example of a custom built contemporary Kentucky rifle built by renowned long gun maker William Buchele.


EXCEPTIONAL WILLIAM BUCHELE CUSTOM CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FLINTLOCK RIFLE.Cal. 44. NSN. Bbl. 42″ octagon measuring 7/8″ across flats at muzzle. Top flat has builders signature “W. BUCHELE”. German silver front sight w/ fixed U notch rear sight. Engraved lock marked “BUCHELE”. Single trigger w/ carved rear webbing. Key fastened tiger stripe full length maple stock. Right side of butt has ornate segmented pierced rectangular lid patchbox w/ fancy finial & fine hand engraving. Other brass fittings include trigger guard, crescent buttplate, engraved toe plate & engraved sideplate. Cheekpiece has deeply dished oval w/ 3 dimensional portrait of native American. Lower edge of cheekpiece has 3 1/8″ rectangular ivory inset w/ silver wire inlayed arrow. Area below & around cheekpiece along w/ portion forward of patchbox & around top tang at top & wrist have extremely well detailed deep relief vine type foliate carving. Top of comb has 3 1/2″ fancy sculpted German silver inlay w/ foliate engraving. Top of wrist has German silver oval nameplate w/ initials “DH”. Area around Indian portrait is highlighted by silver wire inlay. Toeline of stock has dbl. line incise carved borders. Lock & sideplate areas are deeply sculpted w/ long extending teardrops at rear. Stock is held by 4 keys through German silver oval escutcheons. Rear key is highlighted by silver wire inlay. Ramrod channel has mouldered dbl. line borders w/ relief carved accents having sections of deep relief foliate scroll carving at front & rear areas. Hickory ramrod is held by faceted brass octagon bbl. thimble & 3 matching pin fastened pipes. Nose cap is brass.

EXCEPTIONAL WILLIAM BUCHELE CUSTOM CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FLINTLOCK RIFLE.The late William Buchele (1895-1977) was a renowned master long rifle maker. His most famous achievement was collaboration on the book “Recreating the American Long Rifle” w/ George Shumway & Peter Alexander. The acknowledgement section of THE AMERICAN LONG RIFLE, 5th Edition gives the following information: “In May 1974, THE AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine featured an article by Ashley Halsey, Jr., titled “The Best Kentuckies–Old or New?” Pictured w/ descriptions were five of the finest original Kentuckies made by N. Beyer, George Schroyer and Christian Beck, along w/ contemporary examples by William Buchele, Carl Pippert, Robert Ditchburn, Wallace Gusler and George Stanford. This national publicity made him (Buchele) famous.” Includes custom built glass fronted wall case by R. Evans dated 2002. Tiger striped maple case has brass hinges & handles w/ built in lock. Lid has alternating white & black star, diamond, arrow & eagle inlays. Interior has suede backdrop w/ metal gun hooks. Case also holds custom made powder horn of pressed cow horn w/ wooden rear plug, ebony stopper & leather handle. Side of horn has relief carved grizzly. Overall case dimensions are 66″ X 18″ X 5 1/4″. Also included is Fifth Edition soft cover copy of “RECREATING THE AMERICAN LONGRIFLE” by Buchele, Shumway & Alexander. Book contains envelope containing two 22″ X 17 1/2″ diagrams of a flintlock rifle & pistol titled “DETAILS AND DIMENSIONS FROM ORIGINAL GOLDEN AGE RIFLES”.

LOT 3301 – Est. $4,000-6,000.