It’s Tactical Tuesday! Let’s look at this Arms Tech TTR-50 Rifle.

Cal. 50 BMG.
S# BMG-X2225.
Bbl. 27″.

Built on McMillan Brothers receiver. TTR-50 is a mission con figural heavy sniper rifle. Takedown rifle “Removable bbl.”, designed to be more easily transported. It is custom chambered for 739 grain match ammo, though it will function w/ any 50 BMG cartridge. Finished w/ Cerakoat in McMillan tan w/ a desert camo stock. Mounted A US Optics 5-25x52mm. scope. Mil Scale GAP w/ lighted reticle & ARD Kill Flash, also Cerakoated in McMillan tan. 30 MOA mount. US Optics 34mm. scope rings designed for target engagement beyond 2,000 yards. GG&G heavy duty bipod.