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August 29, 2023

Below is just a small portion of the massive selection of high quality art & antiques to be featured in our upcoming August 29th 2023 auction! This auction will span multiple genres of collectibles, including Fine Paintings & Art, Jewelry & Silver, Orientalia, Rare Glass & Lamps, Early & Victorian Furniture, Decoys, Carvings, Coin-Op, & MORE!

M1083 Standard Cargo Truck


The M1083 Standard Cargo Truck is designed to transport cargo and soldiers. The M1083 has a payload capacity of 10,000 pounds and to facilitate loading/unloading, the bed side rails are mounted on hinges. The cargo bed can be equipped with an optional bench seat kit for transport of soldiers. The bench seats are constructed of a non-wood material and attach to the cargo bed side rails. The seats can be folded down and stowed when not in use. Soldiers are assisted climbing in and out of the cargo bed area with the aid of a ladder stowed on the vehicle when not in use. A canvas and bows kit is provided to keep soldiers and cargo protected from the elements. The M1083 can be equipped with a self-recovery winch capable of fore/aft vehicle recovery operations. The winch has 280 feet of line capacity and 15,500 pounds bare drum line pull at 110% overload.

Full-time all-wheel drive
Soldier-smart CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)
Fully automatic transmission
Integral transfer case
Anti-sway bar
High horsepower-to-weight ratio
Fully MANPRINT compliant
Nonwooden troop seats
HAEMP hardened

Basic Vehicle Information
Vehicle Model: M1083
Mileage: 5100 km
Registered in Maine

NSN 2320-01-354-3386
Drive: 6 x 6 (full-time) with locking interaxle differential
Engine: Diesel, EPA compliant, 290 hp
Transmission: Fully automatic
Axles: Single reduction with outboard planetaries
Cab: 3-Man, cab-over-engine
Tires: Super singles with CTIS

Length 273” (6,935 mm)
Height Operational 112” (2,845 mm)
Height Air Transport 105.5” (2,680 mm)
Width 96” (2,438 mm)
Wheelbase 161” (4,100 mm)
Vehicle Curb Weight
No Kits, Crew, Fuel 19,597 lb (8,889 kg)

Ground Clearance
Loaded 22” (559 mm)

Performance Characteristics
Maximum Speed: Governed at Gross Weight 58 mph (94 km/h)
Range: Minimum at Gross Weight 300+ mi (483+ km)
Maximum Grade 60%
Approach Angle 40o
Departure Angle Standard 60, Side Slope 30%
Fording: Without KIT 36” (914 mm) With KIT 60” (1,524 mm)
Payload 10,000 lb (4,536 kg)
Towed Load 21,000 lb (9,526 kg)


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