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August 29, 2023

Below is just a small portion of the massive selection of high quality art & antiques to be featured in our upcoming August 29th 2023 auction! This auction will span multiple genres of collectibles, including Fine Paintings & Art, Jewelry & Silver, Orientalia, Rare Glass & Lamps, Early & Victorian Furniture, Decoys, Carvings, Coin-Op, & MORE!



Cal. 50BMG
S# 0936
Bbl. 29″ Fluted

The only place that the Barrett Model M82A1 is larger then the roles it plays on the big screen is surprisingly enough in real life. The brain child of Ronnie Barrett, the M82 came to life in 1982 w/ this version the M82A1 making its debut in 1986. By the early 1990s it was destined to be a permanent fixture in US service, having seen time in every conflict since. Chambered in the massive .50BMG (12.7×99 NATO) cartridge utilizing a short recoil, rotating bolt, semiautomatic action. Weighing in at almost 33lbs. & just under 60″ in length the iconic Short Recoil Semi Automatic (SRSA) plays a primary roll as anti-material rifle w/ a secondary task of long distance explosive ordinance disposal (EOD). It utilizes a 29″ free floating, fluted heavy bbl. that recoils upon firing. The barrel is terminated w/ a massive 4-chamber, chevron muzzle break to dampen felt recoil.

This particular rifle, listed on page 23 in Norman Chandler’s book “Death from Afar, Vol. 1″ is one of the first 100 Barrett M82A1A sniper rifles delivered to the U.S. Marine Corps during Operation Desert Shield, which was the staging phase for the Gulf War, moving in to what would soon become Operation Desert Storm. The receiver is properly marked: “BEFORE HANDLING RIFLE READ MANUAL FROM / BARRETT MANUFACTURING INC. / MURFREESBURO TN. U.S.A. / CAL. 50 / MODEL 82A1 / SER 0936 / PAT. 4677897 / U.S.” Barrel dated 06/98. It possesses a battle sighting system consisting of a flip up hooded post front sight w/ a folding adj. rear peep sight graduated from 100 to 1500 yds. In between the enormous 23″ sight radius lies an 11” section of picatinny rail as well as a left side folding carry handle at approximately center of balance. Rounds are fed from a detachable 10 rd. mag. Currently sporting a Springfield Armory, 2nd generation Government 4x14x56 scope w/ range-finding reticle & extended target turrets. Mounted on SWAN 35M rings & a #36-EX Swan Sleeve base. Flat black parkerized finish on all exposed metal surfaces. The integral receiver/stock terminates at the rear w/ a soft black rubber recoil pad while the front section incorporates a steel bipod, largely resembling the one utilized on the M60 GPMG.


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