Cased Colt 1855 “Root” and 1849 Pocket Model Revolvers

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May 12, 13, 14, & 15, 2023

Our 2023 Spring premier auction will host collections from across the country & bring them under one roof for an amazing multi-day auction!
This is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the strength the current market is providing for fine firearms & militaria.

Cased Colt 1855 “Root” and 1849 Pocket Model Revolvers


Cal. 31 both
S# 3571, 103372

(1) 1855 “Root” Model 5 Side Hammer:  Bbl. 3 1/2″ round w/ New York address. Full fluted five shot cyl. Blue finish w/ case colored hammer. 1 piece walnut grip. Mfg. 1855.

(2) 1849 Pocket:  Bbl. 5″ w/ New York address & brass cone style sight. Round five shot cyl. w/ stagecoach scene roll engraving. Blue & case colored finish w/ silver finished brass backstrap & small round trigger guard. 1 piece walnut grip. Mfg. 1855.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: 2 gun period style wood casing w/ brass trim. Red cloth fitted interior shows light fading & wear. Case contains pocket size American eagle flask, oil bottle, cap tin, round balls & bullets. Also includes one five round package of combustible cartridges. 


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