Fall 2023 Premier Firearms & Militaria Auction

November 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2023


This auction will feature an outstanding collection of items spanning multiple categories including Modern, Military, Sporting, & Antique firearms & militaria! Below is just a small grouping of select highlights from the massive offering to be featured in this upcoming sale!



Cal. 30-06
S# 78748
Bbl. 18″ with ladder rear sight graduated to 2850 yards

Blade front sight. Sight has issue protective hood marked on the left side with a circle “P”. Bbl. is unmarked. Receiver has Rock Island Arsenal markings and the S# indicates a manufacture date of 1907. Replacement bolt with swept handle marked “BF” and “4”.

These rifles were modified by the ordnance shop in the Panama Canal Zone for use by the 158th infantry of the Oklahoma National Guard who needed a shorter handier rifle to cope with the jungles in Panama. Approximately 4,700 Model 1903 rifles were shortened 6″ for use by the jungle security platoon while training in the heavy jungle foliage.

Major General Robert H. Lewis, commanding the Panama Mobile Force command, obtained permission to make this alteration from Army Chief of Ordnance with the work being done at the ordnance shops at Couozal Canal Zone. The rifles were nicknamed Bushmaster for the deadly tropical pit vipers found in that area. When the 158th infantry was re deployed to the Pacific most, if not all, of these rifles were sent to Raritan Arsenal in N.J. and were destroyed.

This specimen has seemingly escaped that fate. As with any arsenal reworking of a large number of rifles, parts are frequently interchanged or replaced. The bbls. were shortened to 18″ & the front sight re mounted. The stocks were modified by removing the forend & handguard approx. 2 3/8″ ahead of the lower band leaving the band retaining spring in place. The buttstock is an “S” type straight grip stock with grasping grooves. These stocks were given an arsenal rework finish at the time of conversion partially obscuring some of the markings. There is a partial boxed “SP” on the left side over the trigger guard. Encircled “P” proof under grip. The left side of the buttstock has a horizontally oriented “FT CLAYTON”. Oriented vertically near the butt is the “JSP” marking of the Jungle Security Platoon and the encircled “Hell Gate” marking of the Panama Mobile Force. There is a rack #17 at the toe. The stock is equipped w/ a fine checkered stamped buttplate. Brown leather Model 1907 sling. Sling has heavy wear, scuffing and arsenal markings are not visible.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: there is a hand written note in the butt which states “R.I. A. “Bushmaster” #78748, purchased from K-Mart, San Antonio in 1968 for $69.95, from a crate sent from Panama, used by Jungle Security Platoon, out of Ft. Clayton. C.Z. made in 1907, converted in 1942. Rack #17, inspector S. Priestly, 1906-07. Panama Mobile Force insignia “HellGate””. Included are photocopies of the sale of this rifle in May 14, 2022 and information on these rifles are mentioned in the reference works “03 Springfield Service Rifle by Canfield and The Springfield 1903 Rifles by Brophy”.


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