Spring 2024 Premier Firearms & Militaria Auction

June 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2024
This auction will feature an outstanding collection of items spanning multiple categories including Modern, Military, Sporting, & Antique firearms & militaria! Below is just a small grouping of select highlights from the massive offering to be featured in this upcoming sale!



Cal. 9mm
S# 200 (Bolt) #SA73465 (Host)

An original IMI Model B UZI, initially manufactured as a semi-automatic carbine & later converted to a select fire SMG utilizing a B-G Machine registered bolt. The original platform was available in several calibers, but the vast majority were offered in 9mm Parabellum. Open bolt, select fire mechanism that is light years ahead of its time. It can be utilized in its collapsed, concealable configuration, yet takes only moments to extend the rear stock w/ a simple slap of the control hand pulling it into its extended position. The Uzi bbl. only appears to be a couple inches in length which greatly minimizes its signature for use in tight quarters, but because of the ingenious design it actually extends back inside of the bolt giving the operator over 10 inches of rifled bbl. to increase hit probability immensely. Its ratcheting top cover is an important safety factor when utilizing an open bolt mechanism. Those that are familiar w/ the 1911 family of firearms will appreciate the grip safety integrated into the mechanism. This particular example has black plastic furniture & a collapsible, folding shoulder stock. Bottom front mounted bayonet lug. Sling swivels on left side of receiver & stock. Elevation adj. protected post front sight. Dual aperture rear sight. Left side markings “A-F-S” above safety/selector. Left rear receiver markings “UZI semi_auto / MODEL B / 9mm PARA / IMI_ISRAEL”. Right side receiver markings include S# SA 73465 & “ACTION ARMS, LTD. / Phila. PA”. Black nylon sling. MAGS: 6 steel 25 rd. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: 2 leather magazine pouches, each holding 3 mags. 1 mag loader front sight tool & owners manual. CONDITION: all exposed metal surfaces are black painted in the dark factory style finish. Stock locks tight & positive in both open & closed position. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. Bright bore w/ strong rifling. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT MG REQUIRING BATF TRANSFER BEFORE TAKING POSSESSION. FULLY TRANSFERABLE.


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