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S# 10378

Bbl. 17.5″. Mfg. 1985. The H&K G41 was developed in 1981 to replace the G3, by standardizing use of the 5.56×45 round & the US 30 rd. M16 magazine. It utilizes the roller delayed blowback operating system like the G3 & 33 as well as a stamped metal receiver. The operating system was lengthened to reduce the recoil impulse and the cyclic rate slightly increased. At first glance the receiver looks very similar to the earlier designs, though the mag-well was updated to utilize STANAG magazines & a forward assist was added on the right side to facilitate quieter charging, if desired. The polymer forend is more triangular in shape than the G3 or 33 & the charging handle has been extended to more resemble the HK21 family. A spring loaded dust cover was added over the ejection port and a spring loaded carry handle has been placed above the mag-well, the center balance point of the rifle. A bolt release was added at the top of the mag-well on the left side. The 4-position trigger group incorporates a 3-round burst feature that resets upon every use, making 3 rounds available regardless of how many were expelled during a prior burst. It is marked w/ pictograms signifying Safe-Semi-Burst-Full Auto. The stock is a collapsible variation of the “Meat Tenderizer”, locking in both open & closed positions. Sights consist of the traditional HK style rifle & SMG sights including a protected post front & 4-position drum, rear sight. Threaded barrel is terminated w/ factory flash hider. Unlike the earlier offerings, the trigger pack is retained not w/ 2 push pins, but a single push pin at the rear w/ the group clipping into the receiver behind the mag-well. Overall weight, unloaded is 9 lbs, 14 oz. The G41 was developed during the same time frame that HK was working on their G11 caseless-ammunition project as well as the HK50. The collapse of the former Soviet Union & the reunification of Germany lead to the G11 program being abandoned & the G41 project being curtailed in favor of the HK50. The G41 was the last in a long line of firearms utilizing the roller delayed blowback action, as HK followed technology into the age of lightweight polymers & a more conventional gas system, like the G36. The number of G41s in the United States is extremely low, rumored to be under 5 making this piece an extremely rare & desirable find for any HK collector. MAGS: 6 German 30 rd. “IF” date coded, 1985. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES:2 HK owners manuals. CONDITION: Original finish complete & consistent w/ only light signs of prior use such as thinning at ejection port which happens almost immediately. Bright bore w/ strong rifling. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. PRE-86 DEALER SAMPLE (KEEPER). NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT MG REQUIRING BATF TRANSFER BEFORE TAKING POSSESSION. YOU MUST BE A CURRENT NFA/SOT DEALER IN ORDER TO TAKE POSESSION OF THIS FIREARM. PROVENANCE: Lifelong Collection of Terrance McCarty.


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