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June 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2024
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S# SM00075

Bbl.16.3″. An incredibly rare AK configuration suitable for any collection. Extremely low numbers reported to have been imported into the United States. The AMP-69 is a modernized version of the AMD-65, designed in Hungary, between the late 1950 & early 1960s. The official designation was Automata Módosított Puskagránát 1969 (Automatic Modified for Rifle Grenade), or AMP-69 for short. They have the ability to launch an antitank, fragmentation antipersonnel or tear gas rifle grenade a maximum of 420 meters. Due to the violent recoil of launching a grenade, the AMP-69 was designed w/ several features to dampen it for the shooter including a widened front handguard utilizing two recoil-absorbing springs & a shock absorber that was integrated into the folding stock, that collapsed under spring tension during recoil. A softer rubber material was also utilized for the pistol grip to lessen felt recoil. It was built on an SA85M receiver by FEG in Hungary w/ no noticeable import marks. It has a special QD scope rail on the left, rear side to accommodate the grenade launching scope which is adjustable out to 450 meters. The rear sling swivel has been relocated in front of the scope mount so not to interfere w/ the grenade launching sight. The front sling swivel is located below the gas block, currently sporting a green canvas sling. Cleaning rod is retained through this sling swivel into the front handguard. They were originally shipped w/ a 6 round, blank-only restricted magazine so as not to inadvertently run ball ammo, leading to a catastrophic failure, since the grenades were not a pass through design or a bullet trap. When not launching grenades however, it is fully functional as a standard 7.62x39mm rifle. The gas block is fitted w/ a shut off valve to to stop the flow of gas to the firing mechanism while launching grenades. The stock can be folded to the right side by depressing a button at the rear of the pistol grip to unlock it from the extended position. The earlier guns have a light blue-grey color, such as this example, while later variations utilized an improved monomer polypropylene material that was either brown or black in color. Barrel is ported w/ slip-on cover that provides mounting tension for mounting rifle grenades. Dark black finish on all exterior metal surfaces. Receiver is marked; “SA 85M CAL 7.62X39 / SEMI AUTOMATIC / MADE IN HUNGARY” w/ FEG logo on left side. Scope mount numbered “707”. Top cover, bolt & bolt carrier numbered “KP0393”. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: Woodland camo nylon carry case. CONDITION: Black finish complete & consistent w/ some thinning on high spots & areas of mechanical intervention. Forend & stock both reciprocate under tension as designed. Forend demonstrates what appears to be cosmetic stress fracturing at rear. Optic glass appears clear w/ sharp reticle. Bright bore w/ strong rifling. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. PROVENANCE: From the Working Reference Collection of Military Arms Instructor, Master Sergeant Vincent Pestilli.


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