For FFLs

NON-FIREARMS AGENT: If you are registering or executing a bid for someone else, please bear in mind that you are responsible for the settlement of that account with us regardless of whether the person you’re executing or registering for pays you or not. We do not accept third party checks.

FIREARMS AGENT: You must have an agents letter registered with us before bidding on behalf of someone else on a Modern or Curio firearm. According to the ATF- If you are representing an FFL as an agent you must have the following to qualify:

  1. You must have a letter from the FFL Holder you are representing.
  2. Your agent letter must be on the company’s letterhead.
  3. Must be typed.
  4. Must be signed by the FFL Holder.
  5. Must be accompanied by a copy of the FFL.
  6. Must state that you are an employee for the FFL Holder.
  7. Must be dated.

Please Note: If you do not have a “completed” letter with ALL of the above requirements you will not be able to represent another FFL Holder in this capacity.

Request FFL

Please fill out the form below if you are a FFL dealer who requires a copy of our FFL for shipment or a non-FFL dealer who is preparing a shipment to our facility to obtain a copy of our FFL. You can also email us ( or contact us at 207-453-2114.

*Requests for a copy of our FFL may require additional information.