We offer free verbal appraisals for firearms, militaria, edged weapons, accoutrements, & ammunition. Our specialists are able to provide evaluations on a wide spectrum of quality collectibles. 

A complimentary auction appraisal of consignor’s goods is provided with all consignment contract

Independent Appraisals

We also work closely with a team of nationally certified appraisers for assistance with independent appraisals of estates & trusts. These appraisers specialize in various genres of firearms, militaria, edged weapons, uniforms, ammunition, accoutrements, ephemera, optics, & more.

Estates & Trusts

Many collections take a life time to build. Finding the appropriate venue to market your collection can be a daunting and emotional process. As a family owned business we know that in most cases consignors are financially and emotional vested in their collection. In addition to our straightforward approach that helps consignors generate the greatest price for their collection, we offer complimentary collection dedication services that feature collections and collectors in our catalogs, as well as, special marketing campaigns for prominent collections.

We regularly work with trusts & estates to monetize collections. Our trained sales staff and coordinators can assist with strategies to maximize consignor return.