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In 1879 John Browning submitted an application to patent his single shot rifle design. He began production on the first 25 rifles before the patent was granted in October of 1879. He sold his first 25 rifles in less than a week of showcasing the arms in his Ogden, Utah shop.

After the sale of the first 25 rifles John Browning expanded his business offering sporting goods within his store front. Shortly after the addition of the new line of sporting goods the shop was burglarized & much of the inventory was stolen. The thieves removed many items including his original prototype for the Browning Single Shot rifle. However, the burglars did not steal the unfinished components allowing John to begin manufacturing another 75 rifles. This interesting early John Browning rifle is chambered in 40-70 Sharps Straight. The 40-100C-70G marking on the top flat of the barrel is crisp & clear. The serial number is present on the barrel, receiver, hammer, & lower tang. When John Browning received his federal patent in 1879 he began applying it to his barrel markings. This rifle barrel flat is marked “J M BROWNING OGDEN.UT. 40 – 100 C – 70G”. The absence of the patent marking on the barrel indicates this firearm was produced prior to the issuance of the federal patent.

The Browning Single Shot design eventually caught the eye of Winchester & was the basis for the Winchester 1885 Single Shot rifle. John Browning’s patent date of October 7, 1879 has been included on the lower tangs or barrels of Winchester 1885 rifles throughout production.

This rare rifle is part of a consignment from Alberta, Canada which lends one to imagine the story that accompanies it. This fresh to the market rifle will be offered in the next upcoming premier auction to be held May 7, 8, & 9th 2018.

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