2018 Spring Premier Firearms Auctions – Poulin Antiques & Auctions

2018 Spring Premier Firearms Auctions – Poulin Antiques & Auctions

Firearms Auction in Fairfield, Maine Grosses Over $2.4 Million!

FAIRFIELD, MAINE – The tradition continues….With thousands of bidders participating from across the globe, Poulin’s proved once again why they are 1 of the top 5 firearms auction houses in North America, based on annual sales. The bidding frenzy was intense: the large in-house crowd, telephone bidders, internet platform bidders, and absentee bidders all competed for this fantastic selection of firearms.

This 3-day auction event was comprised of several collections including the personal collection of the late Joseph “J.R.” LaRue (1940-2017). J.R. was the Chief Firearms Consultant, advisor & catalogue writer at James D. Julia, Inc. for many years. He also owned Carter Mountain Consulting Agency in TN providing appraisals for the firearms community across the country. His name is synonymous in the firearms world and will long be respected for his breadth of knowledge, his contribution to the firearms world, his kindness and the impact he had on those he encountered throughout his lifetime.

The first six lots were comprised of beautiful Angelo Bee-engraved firearms including a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol; a Colt Python; a Browning trombone slide action rifle; a Winchester Model 21 two gauge set and two extraordinary Browning Superposed shotguns. Bee’s masterpieces set the pace when all six went out the door totaling over $81,000. Continuing with shotguns, Poulin’s next presented an engraved Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special O/U shotgun set decorated with ornate vine foliate scrolls highlighted with gold which sold for $21,150. Immediately following was a Perazzi MC-28 O/U game shotgun realizing $13,512. A sleeper in the shotgun offering was a Thomas Boss percussion side lock SXS shotgun having SN 118 which soared past its presale estimate to land at $4,700.

As always, strong representations of Winchesters were on the block demanding bidders’ attention. This grouping included a Model 12 custom engraved pump depicting hunting dogs flushing grouse in a woodland setting on one side and flying mallards with a lake scene on the other, landed at $5,287. Notably, a Winchester Super X Model 1 Super Pigeon high grade depicting 4 ducks on one side along with two pointers & partridge on the other, all in gold, went out at $4,700.

Another pleasant surprise was the Ansley H Fox AE shotgun, which carried a pre-sale estimate of $1,000-1,500, ended at $4,112. Not to be outclassed was a Parker Top Lever Grade 12 gauge, estimated at $1,750-2,500, having wonderfully restored case colors which did not seem to bother participants as they drove the total price to $11,750 followed by a scarce Savage Arms Fox XE Grade retaining its original case colors, estimated at $6,500-10,000 and realizing $17,037.

Lever actions held their own in this sale with an exceptional Ballard No. 6-1/2 Rigby factory engraved single shot which rang in at $18,212. With the Winchesters we saw a number of 1886’s come across the block including a deluxe lightweight takedown example which surpassed the $2,250-3,250 pre-sale estimate to land at $4,112. Not to be outdone was a Marlin 39-A example which also sold for $4,112 far exceeding its pre-sale estimate of $1,250-1,750.

Handguns were on strong display in selection, participation, and prices. With many fine examples to choose from, this auction had something for everyone. Revolvers were proudly represented with a Colt Python Elite DA that fetched $4,406 and a Nickel Colt Python recognizing a final price of $3,642. A fine Angelo Bee engraved Colt Python DA surpassed its estimate realizing $8,812. In the Semi-Auto class, a Browning Model Gold Classic Semi-Auto having gold inlays and engraving realized $3,995 however the star of the semi-auto class was the Sig Sauer XM9 Trials Model P226 which garnered competitive bidding to catapult this fine piece far past its estimate to an astounding $10,575. A Union Switch & Signal Model 1911 A1 went out the door $6,756, at the high end of its $5,000-7,000 estimate and a rare Russian Baikal military Model PSM, substantially surpassed its estimate of $3,000-5,000 by realizing $9,987.

On day 2 of this 3-day auction, Poulin’s presented the Dewat Auto Ordnance Thompson Model 1928 SMG. This fully transferable example received great interest and when the bidding came to a close, this example went out for $21,150 to a telephone participant. There was a sizeable selection of tactical-style semi-automatic rifles including a Barrett Model 82A1 which sold for $8,225. The semi auto version of the Browning M1919A4 machine gun went out at $3,290 as well as a Colt SP1 AR-15 example that received top bid at $1,760. Included in this category was the Fort Ellis Experimental XR86, manufactured by Wilfred G. Ellis and accomplished within 15 days of work at his home dubbed “Fort Ellis”. This one of a kind rifle with SN 0001 received competition taking the sale price to $3,525 bypassing its estimate of $1,000-2,000. Also of merit was the rare Interdynamic Model KG-9 which topped out at $3,113.

M1 Garands were in high demand at this sale. Whether a Springfield, Harrington & Richardson, International Harvester or Winchester, we saw almost all examples selling over their high estimates. A wonderful selection of bolt action rifles were well received by bidders starting with a Mauser Model B which brought $2,643 against a $1,500-2,000 estimate; a Winchester Model 70 doubled its estimate when it realized $1,880 and a Remington Model 03-A4 Sniper with near excellent 2-groove bore went out at $2,232. We also saw a Steyr Zephyr carrying a $1,200-1,800 estimate establish a strong $2,350.

A select offering of Lugers were included in this 3-day auction event including Mauser S/42’s, DWM 1906 American Eagles, DWM Model 1914 Military & Artillery, DWM Model 1920 Commercials and others. Of special note were the Mauser 42 Code, 41 dated Luger and the DWM Model 1914 Artillery with pistol rig which sold for $2,350 & $2,820 respectively. Continuing with the German engineering, we saw a good example of the DUV G43 Bolt Action go out at $2,585 along with a Mauser 98 ZF41 sharp shooter realize $2,820. One of the surprises in the military offering was a Steyr Model 1885 Guesdes Boer War single shot rifle which carried a presale estimate of $400-600 and went out at $1,645.

With Poulin’s reputation for honesty, fair dealings, low commission rates and guaranteed descriptions together with their recent auction producing an astounding 98% sell through rate, they proved, once again, why they are a leader in the firearms auction industry. Consignments are currently being accepted for the October 2018 Premier Firearms Auction. Whether you have 1 item or an entire collection, Poulin’s invites you to contact them. Seller’s commission rates at 0% or better are offered on expensive items or collections. Call 207-453-2114 or email info@poulinauctions.com