Premier Firearms Auction

May 6, 7,  8 & 9, 2022

Our first premier auction of 2022! This event hosts collections from across the country and brings them under one roof for an amazing multi-day auction!

This is an incredible opportunity to add rare and desirable firearms & militaria to your collection.

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Cal. 9mm Luger
S# 200

Bbl. 4″ unmarked w/ standard fin shaped front sight blade. Mfg. at end of WWII from left over parts for sale to U.S. GI’s looking for war souvenirs hence the term “PX” Luger. Various references slightly disagree as to quantity mfg.; definitely not over 400. Two types differing by whether or not HK Kreighoff logo is on toggle. Limited numbering & proofs. This example w/ frame numbered slightly to left of center (as most were) & numerals of 3.1mm height; some references state 3.3mm. Left side of receiver numbered plus “00” on back side of sideplate leg. Receiver & frame have Luftwaffe trapezoidal 2 proof plus drooped wing firing proof. Frame additionally has circled A reject proof. Other minor post war indicators are that bbl. & receiver lack indexing mark at bottom juncture. Late unnumbered gas grooved firing pin. Toggles void of markings & have fine cross marks perpendicular to bore rather than typical polishing. Breech bolt has unpolished appearance w/ extractor slightly proud of breech bolt surface having finish marks like toggles; “GELADEN” marked. Toggle pivot retaining pin properly unfinished but top portion peened so appearance appears almost double in diameter. Mixture of finishes in that mag. latch is blued rather than strawed like remaining sm. parts. Bottom of receiver rails & corresponding frame parts are properly in the white as are bottom flats of breech bolt. Coarse checkered Black Widow style grips w/ slight unpolished irregularities to borders; very good fit to frame w/ fire blued screws. Both toggle pivots have used appearance as expected for quick post war assembly. Per Davis’ reference book on Lugers, this variation w/out marked toggle was numbered 1-200 & this is #200! Davis states marked toggle variation numbered 10-250; other references cite 12-245. Very rare w/ enhancements & accessories.


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