Premier Firearms Auction

May 6, 7,  8 & 9, 2022

Our first premier auction of 2022! This event hosts collections from across the country and brings them under one roof for an amazing multi-day auction!

This is an incredible opportunity to add rare and desirable firearms & militaria to your collection.

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Cal. 45 ACP
S# Exp. No 21
Bbl. 5″ High Standard Type 18 having “P” on right leg & “HS” on left.

Union Switch & Signal (subsidiary of Westinghouse Air Brake Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa.) received initial contract for 200,000 1911A1 pistols; later amended to 30,000 & finally amended to 55,000. In spite of back & forth orders from ordnance, US&S made some of the best pistols of WWII. All pistols were finished w/ Du-Lite over sand blasted surfaces. Early pistols had Keyes Fibre stocks w/ no escutcheon rings; this pistol has later Keyes grips w/ rings. Bbl. bushings all have characteristic circular machining marks around bore; this one has thin outer rim & ring only shows above plug recess. There were 3 variations of “P” inspection marks. First no marks at all (this pistol), second marked on left edge of slide in front of rear sight (due to an error in the blueprints furnished), & third having “P” inspection mark centered on top of slide in front of rear sight (most common proofing). All had wide serrated ramp front sights & square notched rears. All have stamped checkered sheet metal trigger (bright blue finished), checkered mainspring housing having 27 diamonds on center row & Type E variation 3 hammer. “EXP” prefix pistols often described as experimental but no documentation exists proving this. Most pistols however show some major defect; most common is stripped stock screw bushings. This pistol shows lg. forging voids, which would never pass ordnance inspection. Most likely explanation is EXP pistols were all rejected & scrapped. Scott Meadows in volume 2 of “U.S. Military Automatic Pistols” states, “the explanation of “EXP” prefix is largely a matter of opinion.”. This pistol is a good example of the reject explanation for “EXP”. This pistol is shown on page 326, figure 10-27 of “Colt .45 Service Pistols” (the big book) by Clawson. Right side of frame does not have Army marking as rejected prior to any inspection; no circled “RCD” mark or crossed cannons. Slide stop & safety are correct; checkered w/out milling cuts. Front sight is serrated wide tapered; rear is square notched flat top.

MAGS: 1 good 7 rd. M.S. Little.

PROVENANCE: originally from Craig Baravalle Collection; Big Flats, New York. 


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