Premier Firearms Auction

May 6, 7,  8 & 9, 2022

Our first premier auction of 2022! This event hosts collections from across the country and brings them under one roof for an amazing multi-day auction!

This is an incredible opportunity to add rare and desirable firearms & militaria to your collection.

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Overall length: 16 1/2″. Blade length: 10 1/4″. This is an example of an extremely rare WWII German Kreigsmarine Honor dagger with an interesting history. In the 1950s, then Major James P. Atwood was stationed in Germany & would travel the countryside looking for surplus stocks of unused dagger parts of all types. He was able to purchase many parts for German Naval Honor daggers from Helmut Eickhorn of the famous Carl Eickhorn dagger manufacturing company. Upon returning to the United States, Lt. Col. Atwood, with the help of a young apprentice, assembled many daggers from a combination of original & newly mfg. parts. The young man, in compensation for his help, was given the parts necessary to assemble a Kreigsmarine Honor dagger by Atwood. Our consignor obtained this dagger directly from the one-time apprentice of Atwood. The dagger has a Damascus type blade marked on 1 side, “ORIGINAL (squirrel) EICKHORN SOLINGEN”. The other side reads, “In Dankbarer Anerkennung Raeder 17.8.42” in gold script. The crossguard is gold plated brass. The grip is of a white material surrounded with a molded oak leaf ribbon that is not an original WWII grip. The exceptional pommel is the standard form for a naval dagger but features a Party symbol in the center of the wreath, gripped by the eagle, with 17 small cut diamonds. The beautifully executed scabbard is covered with oak leaves & acorns with an anchor on each side between the mounts. A truly beautiful WWII German dagger for the aficionado at a small fraction of the price for an original.

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