Major Caspar Trepp Presentation Sharps Model 1859 Military Percussion Rifle

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Major Caspar Trepp Presentation Sharps Model 1859 Military Percussion Rifle.


Cal. 52
S# 40578

Presentation plate found in patch box marked “PRESENTED BY SHARPS RIFLE MANUFACTURING CO./APRIL 10th 1862 A.D./To MAJOR CASPAR TREPP/CO. A 1st REG. U.S.S.S.” Swiss born Caspar Trepp (1829–1863) served in the foreign Legion before emigrating to the United States. He was a professional architect in New York before enlisting in the military at the rank of Capt. He rose to the rank of Lieut. Col. of Company A 1st US Sharpshooters. It is held by some that Trepp first proposed the idea of a rifle unit while Col. Hiram Berdan supplied the political clout. Evidence of his influence are the European-style tactics and camouflage uniforms of the unit. Lieut. Col. Trepp was killed by a sniper’s bullet November 30, 1863 at Mine Run, Virginia. His memorial in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. is a famous attraction. Bbl. 30″ with lug for saber bayonet. Iron lug front sight with German silver blade and Lawrence patent rear sight. Case colored action fitted with Lawrence patent primer feed. Lockplate marked “C. SHARPS PAT/OCT 5th 1852”. Three band forearm and straight grip walnut stock are fitted with case colored patch box, rifle buttplate and sling swivels. Peak of stock stamped “A”. Bottom rear of forearm, left wrist of stock and inside of patch box are stamped “JT”.



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