Fully Transferable, Cased H&R M50 Reising SMG

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August 29, 2023

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Fully Transferable, Cased H&R M50 Reising SMG


Cal. 45 ACP
S# 114126

Bbl. 13.5″ over comp. Barrel w/ 14 fins. In a search for another compact SMG as things were heating up in Europe in 1939, Eugene Reising went to work designing what we would eventually know as the Reising Model 50. He received a patent on his compact, closed bolt carbine, chambered in .45ACP in June of 1940, and entered into a manufacturing contract with Harrington & Richardson to facilitate production. It didn’t have many competitors, as the only similar firearm was the Thompson SMG, but the Reising Model 50 was extremely accurate since it fired from a closed bolt. After submission for testing with the US Army, it was not immediately accepted since its same closed bolt mechanism that provided superior accuracy had a tendency to malfunction when not cleaned and maintained regularly. Since the Thompson SMG faced a shortage, the United States Marine Corps adopted the Reising Model 50 with a parkerized finish, cooling fins, a muzzle device to assist with recoil and with select-fire capability. They then requested a modified version for the “Para Marines” that utilized a folding wire stock in a pistol grip design, and without the muzzle device. It was known as the Reising Model 55 and shared by the Tank crews. This example, the Model 50 is a select fire, closed bolt sub machine gun.

It has a 20rd mag-well with 14 cooling fins and a 6 slot muzzle device. Exposed metal surfaces are finished in a smooth, even gray parkerizing. Full length wooden stock. Graduated elevation adjustable rear peep sight & drift windage adjustable front post sight incorporated into the muzzle device. Receiver is stamped on top “MODEL 50 – H.&R. REISING – CAL .45 / HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON ARMS CO. / WORCESTER, MASS. U.S.A. PAT PENDING”. Left side of receiver punch marked “NHP” in 1/2″ letters. Barrel marked w/ “Flaming bomb” ordnance mark forward of receiver. The bottom of the pistol grip has the number “3” stamped & stenciled. MAGS: 7 total mags, including 3 H&R 12rd., 2 H&R 20rd. & 3 modified 30rd. Grease Gun mags. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: Black hard case with fitted blue felt interior, green canvas sling, vertical pistol grip


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