Fully Transferable RAMO MFG M1919A4 Machine Gun

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August 29, 2023

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Fully Transferable RAMO MFG M1919A4 Machine Gun

Cal. 30
S# 600097

Bbl. 24″. Mfg. by RAMO. The 1919 is one of the most iconic ground & vehicle mounted machine guns in U.S. Military history w/ such a long range of service, from the early 1920’s through Vietnam, video footage as well as Hollywood films have featured this weapon system in countless reels. Originally it was intended to be the “go-to” Browning design tank gun in WWI, though it was introduced a little too late. It utilizes a heavier bbl. than its water cooled predecessor & traded the massive water jacket for a much slimmer slotted bbl. shroud for air cooling. The 1919A4 is one of the most commonly encountered & was originally issued in both a fixed & flexible platform. The fixed gun was often used on WW2 vehicles, while the flexible had a focus as an infantry company level machine gun. Numerous mounting options were available, including several tripod variants, pedestal mounts & even an A6 variation, which utilized a bipod & shoulder stock, w/ the intention of making it more user friendly. Today, these guns are highly sought after by recreational shooters & reenactors. They saw such a long period of service that spare parts are fairly readily available. This specific offering is comprised of an original part set & is assembled on a RAMO sideplate. Originally papered as a M1919A4 configuration. Currently on the shorter M2 tripod, w/ spade grips & precision elevation mechanism, which is a favorite among recreational shooters. Black parkerized finish on all exposed surfaces. Flip up blade style front sight & flip up rear sight w/ adj. peep for windage & elevation up to 2400 yds. Currently chambered in 7.62 NATO. Metal trunnion guard plate installed for protection when running metallic links instead of cloth belts.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: M2 tripod w/ front pintle & rear T&E mechanism, 1 box (@20#) .30 caliber links, D.H. Melton Link-Master Universal Linking Machine w/ aluminum blocks for 7.62 Nato & 5.56x45mm, 1 black plastic Golf Guard transport case for MG & tripod.


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