Rare & Desirable US Military M2 Flamethrower

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August 29, 2023

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Rare & Desirable US Military M2 Flamethrower


S# 9. The portable flame thrower fielded by soldiers in World II and Vietnam is one of the most fabled devices ever utilized in combat. Its simple mechanics have always been completely overshadowed by its capability for sheer destruction. Anytime one is fielded at a military demonstration the lines of spectators are long and deep. Adding to its mystique of fable & lore is the powerful heat wave that can be felt by bystanders far behind and out of range of the operator, and always remains a vocal highlight of any personal demonstration. Capable of use with liquid fuel, or thickened fuel, they never fail to completely engulf their target in a massive stream of flame.

This particular piece appears quite complete, including the ignition head (the business end) of the M2 which would be placed forward of the barrel, valves, hose & iconic tanks. It still wears the blue & brass ID tag marked w/ the following; “CHEMICAL WARFARE SERVICE U.S.A. / PORTABLE FLAME THROWER GUN M2 / F.F.S. INC. / SERIAL NO. 9 / LOT N4-17”.

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