Very Desirable Fully Transferable German Erma (AYF 42) MP-40 SMG

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August 29, 2023

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Very Desirable Fully Transferable German Erma (AYF 42) MP-40 SMG

Cal. 9mm
S# 4505k

Bbl. 9 9/10”. Hooded fixed blade front sight, 2 Piece folding rear leaf sight, drift windage adj. Of all the German WWII era SMGs, the MP40 may be the most iconic of them all. Its slow cyclic rate combined w/ decent sights & pleasant ergonomics make it as fun to operate as it is interesting to look at. It utilizes a very simplistic, yet incredibly smooth open bolt firing mechanism. The recoil system is typical of German over engineering consisting of a 3 piece telescoping rod w/ a captured spring that doubles as the connection point for the firing pin which slides inside of the bolt. The safety mechanism is an extremely simple design which shares commonalties w/ other WWII era SMGs. It consists of a rearward notch that interfaces w/ the cocking handle holding the bolt to the rear. Parts manufactured in 1942 by ERMA as designated by receiver code “ayf42” & registered by Robert Landies of Collectors Corner.

This MP40 utilizes a 3d generation mag. housing which includes the ribs for strength & square notch facing the shooter. It appears that there are a large amount of matching numbered components including bbl., trigger housing, stock, bbl. nut, front & rear sights, etc. Waffenamts appear on multiple parts including rear receiver just above folding stock mechanism “WaA254”, on the shoulder stock Eagle “280”, as well as several other locations. Underfolding stock, black Bakelite grips & brown lower receiver cover. Resting bar appears to be the typical dark black painted cast zinc. Brown leather sling. MAGS: 8 steel 32 rd. Most marked “M.P.38u.40” & original metal mag loader.


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