Very Fine and Rare John Manton O/U Flintlock Pistol With Single Trigger. EX. W. Keith Neal Collection

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August 29, 2023

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Very Fine and Rare John Manton O/U Flintlock Pistol With Single Trigger.
EX W. Keith Neal Collection.


Cal. 58 scratch rifled
S# 4797. (1807)

The 8″ skelp twist octagon O/U barrel set is gold inlaid “—MANTON * LONDON—” on top flat which has gold line at rear and silver barleycorn front sight. Touch holes are platinum lined. Case hardened breech iron engraved with some floral highlights and arms is fitted with wide “U” notch rear sight. Locks having flat plates with pointed tails are fitted with French cocks, semi-waterproof pans, bridled frizzens with small rollers on tails and feather springs without finials. Back sliding safetys are fitted that engage at half cock. Locks are engraved with feather borders and small floral highlights. “MANTON” is under pans. Trigger plate is fitted with single non-selective mechanical trigger that fires right lock (bottom barrel) first. Top jaws are engraved with with the numbers “1” & “2” indicating order of fire. Blued trigger guard is engraved with arms and S# on bow. Stock with checkered bag grip is of dense European walnut. Ebony ramrod with horn tip mounts through two plain pipes. Muzzle end of bottom flat has milled recess to retain ramrod.

Original W. Keith Neal Collection tag is affixed to trigger guard bow and this pistol is described on pg. 84 of “The Mantons: Gunmakers” and illustrated as plate #21.

One of the best examples extant world class!



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