Beautiful, Fully Transferable FNC Sporter Select Fire Rifle

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August 29, 2023

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Beautiful, Fully Transferable FNC Sporter Select Fire Rifle

Cal..223 Rem
S# FN019152 (Rifle) 3303 (Sear)

Bbl. 16.5″. A very clean original Belgium manufactured Fabrique Nationale Sporter rifle in the Paratrooper configuration, converted to select fire utilizing a Dopson Consulting registered sear. The FNC, a scaled down and refined variant of the famous FN FAL was imported into the United States until 1987 and remains a rare & desirable rifle to this day. It utilizes a 2-position gas system w/ an integral grenade launcher front sight which functions as a gas shutoff valve when deployed. The gas system is adjusted to send more pressure rearward if the gun should become fouled by rotating the gas tube 90-degrees clockwise. This particular piece was converted to select-fire by Dopson Consulting of Dallas, TX. It is complete w/ 4 position selector. The left-side selector is marked “S” (safe) / “1” (semi) / “3” (3-shot burst) / “A”(Full auto). Matte black finish on all exterior surfaces. Behind the muzzle brake & front sling swivel is a folding, extending bipod. Protected post front sight w/ dual aperture rear sight. Right side folding shoulder stock. Ingenious spring loaded dust cover on right side remains under constant pressure, momentarily lifting during the firing cycle, to immediately be closed again upon firing. Utilizes standard AR-15 magazines. Left side of receiver marked w/ serial number & “FABRIQUE NATIONALE HERSTAL / MADE IN BELGIUM / STEYR SEACUCUS NJ / GUN SOUTH, INC. BIRMINGHAM, AL. / CAL. 223 REM. SPORTER”.


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