Fully Transferable Sturm Ruger AC556K Select Fire Rifle

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May 12, 13, 14, & 15, 2023

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Fully Transferable Sturm Ruger AC556K Select Fire Rifle

Cal. 223
S# 191-03995

Bbl. 13″. The Ruger AC556 select fire system probably gained the lions share of its notoriety from being the go to weapon of Mr. T. as B.A. Baracus & the A-Team. The select fire version of the extremely popular Mini-14 was available in several configurations & finishes. The short barreled factory folding stock such as this example has long been a favorite. Factory flash hider 2.25″ in length. Hardwood w/ steel, right side folding stock. Black plastic ventilated bbl. shroud.

The AC556 is unique in that it offers 3 modes of fire to be determined by the user including single shot semi-automatic, 3 rd. burst or full auto. The selector is located to the right on the rear portion of the receiver while the safety remains in its traditional position forward of the trigger guard identical to the Mini-14. The gas block, rear of the muzzle, has the appropriate sling point attachment indicating original manufacture as a folding stock gun. Sling swivels on left side front & rear. Correct black plastic checkered pistol grip. Fixed blade front style sight & adj. rear peep sight.


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