Original German World War II C.G. Haenel MP41 SMG

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August 29, 2023

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Original German World War II C.G. Haenel MP41 SMG

Cal. 9mm Parabellum
S# 26678

Bbl. 9.9″. There are few WWII era submachine guns that are as rare & desirable as the German MP41. This “Upgrade” from the well known MP40 was designed in 1941 & based on the Hugo Schmeisser patent, with his direct involvement. It is believed that less than 5000 total were manufactured. It was intended to improve hit probability with the full stock and weighing in at over 9 pounds (loaded), boasting a cyclic rate of 500-550 rounds per minute. Smartly, the MP41 utilizes the MP38/40 magazines though more were manufactured and stamped MP41. They were never adopted by the German Wehrmacht (Unified Armed Forces) and most went to elite Schutzstaffel (SS) ranks for Military Police duty, if they saw military service at all. At first glance it seems to simply be an MP40 in a full walnut stock but there were many changes once actually inspected. There is only around 50% parts compatibility with the MP40 though it would outwardly appear much higher. Some of the more obvious differences include the deletion of the MP40 barrel nut and iconic resting bar, along with the inclusion of a selector switch above the trigger allowing select-fire operation. Front sight is a hooded blade while the rear sight is a rugged folding dual aperture notch, marked “100” & “200”.

The receiver section remains a tube, drawn over a mandrel, adding the familiar ridges to add strength. The mag.-well is ribbed, and very similar in appearance to the MP40 style, incorporating a mag. release that is checkered on the bottom, slowly dropping lines as it moves up, having no texture at the very top. It is a blowback operated action utilizing a reciprocating, left side charging handle which has a safety slot to engage forward of the end cap. The MP41 design incorporates an end cap that is unlocked & turned 45 degrees clockwise to field strip it, removing the firing pin / recoil mechanism and bolt with ease. Solid, milled steel trigger guard and bottom plate. Walnut stock is terminated at the rear with a steel buttplate. Markings on the top of the receiver include ”M.P. 41 / PATENT SCHMEISSER / C.G. HAENEL, SUHL”. Several locations have the Waffenamt mark “WaA44” along with the Eagle over “37” which is common for the few of these that have surfaced. Barrel numbered to receiver “6678”, also bearing secondary number “2480B” on bottom, the same code we’ve seen with other examples. Green canvas sling on left side.


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