Original Oil on Canvas (40” x 30”) by Arthur D. Fuller for Winchesters 3-Piece Window Display

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August 29, 2023

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Original Oil on Canvas (40” x 30”) by Arthur D. Fuller for Winchesters 3-Piece Window Display



Original oil painting for Winchesters 3-piece window display “Guns and Ammunition, Hunters with Beagle (POP Display)” for their Models 42, 21 & 12, which was copyrighted in 1932 and can be seen on page 91 in “Winchester Rarities” by Tom Webster.

This fabulous large oil on canvas fall scene shows a beagle, with tail up and nose to the ground flushing out a rooster & hen pheasant behind a bush while a cottontail leaps over a fallen log in the foreground. A boy holding his Winchester 42 approaches cautiously while two men, dressed in their appropriate hunting attire, look on; one holding his Winchester Model 12 and the other with his Winchester 21 in one hand, holding back his two pointers with the other. All under a blue and white cloud sky along the tree lined hillside showing its colorful fall foliage. Signed lower right “Arthur D. Fuller” and “Litho In U.S.A. Atlantic L&P. Co, N.Y. © 1933 Winchester Repeating Arms Co” on the lower left.

Housed in a gilt carved wood frame.

SIZE: Canvas: 40-1/4″ x 30″. OVERALL: 44-3/4″ x 34-1/2″.
UNATTACHED ACCESSORIRES: Notarized statement regarding this paintings history.

PROVENANCE: This painting was displayed in Bill O’Hara’s office who worked for Winchester in the Export Department until his retirement in the 1950’s. Notarized statement from consignor indicating he purchased this painting directly from Bill in approximately 1972.

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