Cased Pair of Scarce Henry Deringer 6″ Barrel Percussion Pistols With Accessories

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August 29, 2023

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Cased Pair of Scarce Henry Deringer 6″ Barrel Percussion Pistols With Accessories.

Cal. 41

One of the few people who’s surname has come into common usage, Henry Deringer made a vast array of small, medium, and large size percussion pistols at his shop in Philadelphia, PA.

These particular pistols have six inch octagon to ovate barrels fitted with under ribs and each has distinctive file decorations of muzzles, outlined by scroll engraving. Separate patent breeches are marked “DERINGER” “PHILADEL” “PA” on top flats between two broad gold bands. Top left flats are stamped “P”. Breech irons are scroll engraved. Small back spring percussion locks with flat faced hammers having stylized dolphin heads are also scroll engraved and marked “DERINGER” “PHILADELa”. American walnut stocks with checkered bag grips have a mix of iron, German silver and silver mounts. Trigger plates fitted with set triggers have type 6 pineapple finials as used between 1848-50 and are of iron as are scroll engraved trigger guards. German silver cap boxes with iron covers are at bottoms of grips. Flash guards and thimbles are German silver. Scrolled sideplates and shield shaped crest plates at tops of grips are of silver. Stocks attached to barrels with captive side bolts through shaped and engraved silver escutheons. Mahogany ramrods with silver tips mount through engraved silver pipes.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: pistols are housed in a vintage black painted carrying case with flush brass folding “D” handle and velvet lining. Bottom compartment is French fitted for pistols and accessories. Accessories include plain copper bodied 4 1/2″ powder flask by Hawksley, marked “FIRE-PROOF”. Rosewood handled turn screw and nipple wrench with pricker, brass and rosewood loading rod with worm, nutcracker type ball mould marked “75” and a small tin powder measure. Two covered conpartments with mahogany covers having brass knobs are empty.


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