Fully Transferable, Tricked Out S.W.D. M11/NINE SMG

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August 29, 2023

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Fully Transferable, Tricked Out S.W.D. M11/NINE SMG

Cal. 9mm
S# 86-0011773
Bbl. 5.5″

The younger brother of the infamous MAC-10 may not have moved out of it’s shadow as far as Hollywood movies & urban legend is concerned, but as far as becoming a commonly owned civilian SMG, it may actually have taken the top spot. From its introduction to the legislative imposed cutoff of 05-19-1986 the M11 was a popular & affordable entry level SMG. It’s low price was only rivaled by its reliability & these little bullet hoses continue to perform just as well several decades later. This particular example mfg. by SWD of Atlanta GA was manufactured in 1986. The company name was an acronym for Silvia Williams Daniel, the prior spouse of Wayne Daniel who owned the manufacturing rights to the Ingram Model 11 as well as the popular Cobray trademark. Finish on exposed metal surfaces is dark & parkerized. The sighting system on the factory upper receiver is a simple protected post front sight w/ a corresponding peep sight drilled in an extension at the rear of the receiver. The original stock is the correct top folding, telescoping wire stock. Factory threaded bbl. Left side selector switch. Right side safety parallel to trigger guard. The familiar Cobray snake logo appears on the right rear of the lower receiver as well as the upper receiver, just behind the front sight. Open bolt select fire action. This particular piece has been heavily upgraded w/ the addition of a Potts M11-700 firing rate reducer system, including all available accessories. As well as the original intent of slowing the firing rate by almost half, It allows use of a standard, collapsible AR-15 stock, utilizes an upgraded upper receiver w/ side cocking mechanism & integral 5.5″ Weaver base, currently hosting a TruGlo electronic sight. MAGS: 4 Zytel 32rd.




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