Fully Transferable “Hitler’s Zipper” – WWII German MG42 MG

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August 29, 2023

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Fully Transferable “Hitler’s Zipper” – WWII German MG42 MG


Cal. 7.92x57mm
S# 197P
Bbl. 22.5”
Manufactured 1944-1945 by Maget of Berlin

The MG42 was one of the most feared German weapons to be fielded during WWII. Nicknamed “Hitler’s Zipper” due to its incredibly fast cyclic rate, upwards of 1600 rounds per minute of the powerful 8x57mm Mauser cartridge. It was designed to replace the very successful MG34, which required extensive machining and hand fitting of expensive steel. The MG42 would be manufactured extensively from stamped metal, making them much easier & less expensive to produce than the MG34 though they ended up being used in conjunction with them until the end of the war. The time estimate to manufacture an MG34 was approximately 150 man hours while the new MG42 took only 75. The innovation that was utilized in the MG42s operating system lead to general overall improvements to later weapon systems and its legacy lives on today in the development of the United States own M60 GPMG as well as numerous others.

The MG42 has an iconic style that is easy to identify, much due to its innovative quick change barrel design. The barrel swings out the side of the barrel jacket & is extracted to the rear, which leaves a large open slot on the right side measuring over 16” in length. The remainder of the barrel jacket has oblong slots for cooling instead of circular ports like the MG34. At the end of the barrel shroud is a partially ported, 4”, cone shaped muzzle booster that remains secured to the jacket during barrel changes. A folding bipod also stays secured to the barrel jacket approximately 3” behind the muzzle booster. A peek inside the top cover will quickly reveal similarities w/ the US M60 in its shuttle feed system, feed tray & pawls. It is charged to fire through a hinged, reciprocating charging handle located on the right side, directly above the trigger. Bakelite pistol grips incorporate a cross-slide safety above the hand placement, locking the bolt open. Markings on this example are scattered all over and include the following; On the left side of the receiver at rear include “NC / MG 42 / 197p / swd” translating to 1944-1945 manufacture by Maget of Berlin. On the trigger housing, left side is a German Eagle over the number 14. On the shoulder stock, left side is a German Eagle & “hvq 44”. Barrel jacket below rear sight marked “bpr / 245” & barrel booster retaining arm also marked “bpr” designating work by Johannes Grossfuss, of Döbeln/Sachsen, a metalworking business that produced parts for many guns. MAGS: 4 steel 50rd. basket drums & 7 lengths of 50rd. non-disintegrating links.



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