Tippmann Model 1917A1 Miniature Water-Cooled Belt-Fed in Wooden Crate

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August 29, 2023

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Tippmann Model 1917A1 Miniature Water-Cooled Belt-Fed in Wooden Crate


Cal. 22 LR
S# TP102
Bbl. 12″

A fully functional half scale version of the US military Model 1917A1 Machine gun. Chambered in 22 LR. Feeds from cloth belt & plastic disintegrating links. Functioning almost identical to the full size counter part, the miniature feed mechanism is entirely fitted by hand after being machined to exacting tolerances.

Brass accentuated steel water jacket finished in a deep rich bluing w/ parkerized tripod & T&E mechanism. Front sight is a hooded blade, rear sight is a graduated ladder, windage adjustable similar to the full size mechanism, w/ peep when folded for close engagements. It is as interesting a display piece as it is fascinating to shoot. Right sideplate markings include; ” TIPPMANN / MOD. 1917A1 / NO. TP102 / L&T SALES / NEW PORT RICHEY. Single pistol grip style w/ brown plastic grip panels.

MAGS: 5 cloth belts (1 – @20′, 3- @ 42″ & 1 @12″ display belt) & approximately 200 plastic disintegrating links.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: custom fit oak chest holds not only the gun but the included 2 miniature ammo cans. Fully functional T&E mechanism. 


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