Finest Confederate Dickson Nelson Rifle Known

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Finest Confederate Dickson Nelson Rifle Known


Cal. 58

Bbl 33″

Dickson & Nelson were principals of the Shakanoosa Arms Manufacturing Company, Dawson, Georgia. They contracted for rifles for state of Alabama in 1861, made 1st deliveries mid 1863 at a rate of about 50 rifles per month till war’s end. No more than 1100-1200 rifles were made according to the excellent research by Dr. Doug Jones, University of Alabama, copy of his monograph can be read on line.

The iron used in manufacture came from Shelby Iron Works, Shelby, Alabama.

This rifle is in standard configuration with 33″ barrel, fixed rear sight, brass nosecap, 2 clamping brass barrel bands, brass trigger guard, and brass buttplate. Lockplate marked forward of hammer “DICKSON / NELSON & CO / C.S.”, and “ALA/1865” at tail. Unique “Austrian style” ramrod made by Shakanoosa Arms rarely survives and this one is fine. Most every survivor is well worn, even the few 1865 dated as these arms were issued as fast as they could get them to the field. You will never find a better example of deep south made longarm.


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