Military M901 Tracked Armored Vehicle

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Military M901 Tracked Armored Vehicle


The M901 came into service in the United States in 1979, seeing significant use in both the Persian Gulf War and Iraq War.

It’s design is based on the M113 Armored Personal Carrier chassis and designed to carry a dual M220 TOW Missile Launcher, nicknamed “The Hammerhead” due to the aesthetics of the unique turret. Operated with a crew of 4 (squad leader, gunner, loader, driver) this 12 ton machine measures almost 16’ in length & just under 9’ wide with a height of almost 10’ w/ targeting head stowed. It has a range of 300 miles with a top speed of 38 mph. It is armored with 1.5” on the front and 1.75” on the sides.

A primary asset of the M901 is its mobility. Its speed, range and power to weight ratio is equivalent to modern tracked vehicles and it is amphibious without special preparation. It can be transported with a full loadout by the C-130 Hercules, or the C-27 Spartan. Due to its upgraded suspension it can also be air-dropped, or rolled off directly into battle.

The speed of the firing system, as well as its land speed, is also an asset. When it takes a firing position, it can raise up, acquire the target and engage within 20 seconds. The launcher must be lowered to reload, but can still accomplish that task, and be back to firing in only 40 seconds. It can also carry a 7.62mm GPMG, usually an M60 or M240, as defense against aircraft and personnel.

The ammo loadout capacity is 10 TOW Missiles and 2,000 rounds of 7.62 NATO, not including that already loaded and ready. It is powered by a GM Diesel engine producing between 220 & 275 horsepower and able to maneuver on a 60% gradient & 30% side slope.

Each side contains 5 road wheels, an idler and drive sprocket.  

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