Extremely Complete Japanese Type 99 LMG With Scope Bipod & Bayonet

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August 29, 2023

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Extremely Complete Japanese Type 99 LMG With Scope Bipod & Bayonet


Cal. 7.7
S# 16148
Bbl. 21.5″

Mfg. August, 1944. An amazing example of an original Japanese Type 99 machine gun. The Type 99 was developed in 1939 as a replacement for the Type 96 LMG in order to utilize the much more powerful 7.7mm Japanese cartridge. It proved to be one of the most successful Japanese machine gun designs of the WWII era.

Barrel incorporates enormous circular cooling fins, along with 5.5″ cone flash hider as evidence of being heavily inspired in design by the early French Hotchkiss heavy machine gun. The inspiration from the British Bren can also be recognized in the top mounted magazine placement, the front folding bipod, and wooden barrel handle. The heavy, machined parts are accentuated with a hardwood shoulder stock and pistol grip. Specific features illustrate it is later in design, including the smooth pistol grip, the absence of a monopod on buttstock and solid front sight blade with out radium insert. Matching receiver numbers on several parts including the mag. well dust cover and ejection port cover, Well preserved dark finish.

Receiver markings include the serial number, “16148” over “19.8” indicating Showa Era year 19, 8th month translating to the manufacturing date of August, 1944. Due to the center placement of the magazine, the sights are offset to the left side, consisting of a front protected heavy blade that coincides with a drum adjusted rear peep sight marked from 1-15.

This particular example also includes an original 2.5x scope with machine gun reticle, which sets over to the right side of the center mounted magazine. It is also in beautiful condition with its dark black painted finish covering the vast majority of it classic brass body. Front mounted bipod has legs that provide 14″ of height when employed, mounted directly below the bayonet lug. Complete with original bayonet, with blade measuring a whopping 15.5″ and proper steel scabbard.

MAGS: 2 TOTAL: 1 original steel 30 rd. w/ rear round counter for last 4 rounds. 1 MG13 converted 25 rd.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: bayonet w/ scabbard, 2.5x original scope.



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