Incredible Judson Brennan High Art Contemporary Flintlock Rifle

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August 29, 2023

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Incredible Judson Brennan High Art Contemporary Flintlock Rifle

Cal. Approx. 50
S# 143

Judson Brennan is an Alaskan based contemporary custom gun maker known for his ornate American Long Rifles & Kentucky style pistols. He is considered by many to be among the world’s best. This rifle may be the finest example of his outstanding abilities.

Bbl. 47″ double taper octagon measuring 15/16″ across flats at the muzzle. The top flat has a silver inlaid nameplate marked “Judson J. Brennan Fecit #143”. The first 15 1/2″ from the breech end of the bbl. & 11 1/2″ from the muzzle have deep relief vine type foliate scroll hand engraving on the top 3 flats.

Punch dot backgrounds through the primary portions of the engraving are gold finished. Forward section of breech engraving & rear section of muzzle engraving consists of gold inlaid leaf scroll. Breech end of bbl. has gold rectangle marked “INR” forward of a wide gold band. Top tang has complimentary scroll engraving. The sculpted lock plate has full coverage foliate scroll engraving surrounding a gold oval marked “J/Brennan/Sons”.

The scroll engraving continues to the hammer, clamp & frizzen. The gold bordered flash hole leads to a gold lined pan. The curled double set triggers have pierced & curled rear facing ornamentation. The external adj. screw has a grooved ball style head. The extremely ornate full length stock of extraordinary fiddle figured maple is fastened w/ 5 wedges. Left side of stock rear of & below the moldered cheek piece is covered w/ deep relief carved foliate scroll that extends around wrist & head sections sweeping forward of the lock plate.

Matching sections of scroll are found around the thimble & near the forearm tip. The ramrod channel has ornate relief cut moldered borders as does the toe line. The stock is topped off by extensive ornate fittings & inlays. Pierced rectangular lid patch box has ornate sculpted edges & scroll finial w/ full coverage foliate scroll engraving. The patch box lid has sections of gold & silver inlaid floral engraving.

The crescent steel buttplate has an extended pierced foliate scroll finial w/ complimenting engraving having a wide gold band between peak & finial. Rear of buttplate has extensive gold & silver inlaid floral engraving surrounding a banner marked “DETH TO TYRANTS”. Finial tipped toe plate, trigger plate, curled trigger guard, sideplate & nose cap have complimentary gold & silver filled scroll. The ornate wrist plate is fashioned of relief carved German silver. The cheek piece plate features a medallion w/ a gold inlaid American eagle surrounded by 13 gold stars. The plate is bordered w/ pierced scroll having silver leaf & gold washed punch dot backgrounds. The rear stock wedge has ornate foliate scroll escutcheons w/ gold & silver highlights. All 5 wedges have clamshell engraving on their heads.

The ornate thimble has an octagon shaped forward portion w/ gold band transition to scroll engraved rear section. The hickory ramrod is held by 3 octagon pipes w/ gold banded transitions at both ends. Dovetail mounted front sight is complimented by a fixed square notch rear sight w/ engraved base & ornate finial. Overall length is 63 1/8″. Weight is 11 pounds & 4 ounces.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: this rifle is accompanied by outstanding handmade accoutrements. The hand stitched leather possibles bag has a hand decorated front cover featuring cross hatch & floral designs. The strap has a wide shoulder pad w/ matching floral & cross hatch ornamentation having scalloped leather trim. The forward strap has attached leather scabbards for a stiletto w/ 9″ rectangular blade & drop point knife w/ 4″ blade. The stiletto has an ornate octagon shaped wood handle w/ carved wooden fence. The ricasso is marked w/ the number “118” & hand engraved decoration that extends onto the 4 sides of the blade.

The knife has a circular pommel w/ floral engraving that matches the rifle featuring 13 gold inlaid stars around the butt end. The curly maple handle has multiple relief carved grasping grooves around its circumference. The spine of the blade is engraved “J.BRENNAN”. Underside of the ricasso is marked “# 118”. The ricasso & rear portions of the blade have foliate scroll engraving w/ gold punch dot backgrounds leading to a gold line transition at the handle.

Suspended from the shoulder strap is a German silver adj. powder measure & spectacularly ornate powder horn. The horn measures 16″ around the outside from the spout to rear cap. The octagon faceted spout, front swivel, escutcheons, transitional front band & rear band are fashioned from German silver w/ scroll engraving matching that of the rifle. The steel butt cap has complimentary engraving w/ gold punch dot backgrounds. The 9 1/2″ primary section of the horn has exquisite full coverage scrimshaw featuring an American eagle w/ a shield having 13 stars. The eagle’s claws are grasping a banner marked “LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY”. The large primary banner quotes the Book of Mark Verse 8:36 “For What Shall It Profit A Man If He Shall Gain The Whole World And Lose His Own Soul?”.

The possibles bag contains a German silver priming flask w/ matching engraving, gold punch dot backgrounds & an American eagle. A leather pouch contains 8 spare flints & an engraved silver handled turn screw.

Additional accessories include a leather pouch containing .485″ round balls w/ engraved German silver mouth & ornate maple plug, patch jag & patch screw as well as pillow ticking & cloth patches.

Copy of an undated letter from Judson Brennan to the purchaser is included. The letter starts out “Well here it is at long last! I hope you like it.”. The 2-page letter discusses loading instructions & accessories. It ends w/ “Well anyway, hope you enjoy this stuff! Thanks Jud.”


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