Very Rare Fully Transferable Sudanese AR10 on Specialty Arms Receiver

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August 29, 2023

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Very Rare Fully Transferable Sudanese AR10 on Specialty Arms Receiver


Cal. 7.62 NATO
S# A80010
Bbl. 21.5″

Mfg. 1980. The most popular modern sporting rifle in the United States is absolutely the AR-15. The Granddaddy of this rifle is the AR-10, chambered in 7.62 NATO & manufactured in the mid 1950’s. It was adopted by several military units, outside the United States including Sudan, Portugal & even Cuba. ArmaLite licensed manufacturing rights to a Dutch manufacturer called Artillerie-Inrichtingen (A.I.) in 1957 where they were primarily manufactured in the early 1960s.

Despite substantial sales to the governments of Sudan & Portugal, logistical problems would soon cause manufacture to cease & the focus would come back to the United States in the development of the successor, the AR-15. This particular example is a Sudanese model, originally manufactured as a Machine gun, like the majority of them were. It was imported back into the USA where it was destroyed by being disassembled & cut up. It was rebuilt as a transferable machine gun by Specialty Arms of Springfield, OH.

This cataloger believes it was the 10th gun made in 1980 based on the serial number.

Dark black finish on all exposed metal surfaces. Barrel is terminated w/ 3 prong flash hider forward of bottom mounted bayonet lug. Tall, protected blade front sight coincides w/ adjustable peep sight mounted inside carry handle.

Charging handle resides between carry handle & receiver, directly above the dust cover. Dark brown synthetic furniture. Handguard possesses an interesting weave pattern like we see w/ fiberglass matting as well as the lower portion of the stock.

Pistol grip has a Bakelite look to it. Metal buttplate incorporates functional trap door. No forward assist or brass deflector behind spring assisted dust cover.

Slab side lower receiver marked above trigger on left side; “SPECIALTY ARMS / SPRINGFIELD OHIO / A80010”. Safety selector marked; “A-S-F” in proper positions. Left side of upper receiver marked w/ crown above “T” rear of barrel nut. Sling swivels, front on left side & rear on bottom.

MAGS: 1 Waffle pattern 20 rd. marked “ArmaLite Patents Pending” on floorplate. Green canvas sling identified as original Sudanese. 




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