Confederate 1863 Cook & Brother Short Rifle

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August 29, 2023

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Confederate 1863 Cook & Brother Short Rifle


Cal. 58
S# 3150

All of the long arms produced by Cook & Brother of New Orleans seem to have a low survival rate, despite the fact over 7,000 were produced. Cook & Brother made 2 models of rifles; a 33” standard infantry example and a 24” carbine, like the example offered here.

The 24” carbine is referred to in the literature as a musketoon, artillery carbine, or a short rifle. John Murphy and Howard Madaus, in their exemplary 2002 text CONFEDERATE CARBINES AND MUSKETOONS, explain the configuration and history of these weapons that were first made in New Orleans, and later in Athens, Georgia, as with this example.

This example has a standard configuration with 24” Damascus barrel that clearly shows the twist. Barrel has fixed front & rear sights with a serial number that can be seen on the top right near the breech, and “PROVED” is stamped on the left of the breech.

Lock is particularly nicely marked with a well-defined Confederate First National flag behind the hammer & “COOK & BROTHER”, “ATHENS GA” & “1863” along with the serial number “3150” forward of the hammer.

There are all matching serial numbers on every part normally numbered, including the barrel, both barrel bands, nose cap, lock, lock screws & tang screw. 


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