Remarkable Winchester 1873 1 of 1000 Upgrade Lever Action Rifle

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August 29, 2023

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Remarkable Winchester 1873 1 of 1000 Upgrade Lever Action Rifle


Cal. 44 WCF
S# 28038  

Possibly the finest 1 of 1000 copy ever built. This rifle deceived firearms experts, authors and collectors for decades. The quality of the alterations are so convincing that this rifle is pictured as original in “Winchester Golden Age of American Gunmaking and the Winchester 1 of 1000” by R. L. Wilson.

The unscrupulous unknown builder started with a very fine case colored first model 1873 with set trigger, a very valuable rifle in its own right. He then altered the S#, added engraving, inscriptions & checkering to match the features of a real 1 of 1000 rifle. The style and quality of the engraving and inscription very closely match Winchester’s work.

Under close inspection variances in the last 3 digits of the S# can be seen. This rifle was first documented and exposed as altered in 2011. The real 1 of 1000 bearing this S# is in a known collection.

Barrel 24″ octagon with sporting barrel sights & Vernier tang sights. Breech and muzzle ends of barrel have added engraving. Top flat has added “One of One Thousand” inscription. Case colored first model action with mortised thumb print dust cover and single set trigger. Fancy walnut forearm and straight grip stock with trap door crescent steel buttplate. Deluxe pattern hand checkering is believed to have been added. Modern sling on original swivels.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: 2 posters promoting the Universal-International film “Winchester ’73” starring James Stuart & Shelly Winters. This famous movie is credited with starting the Winchester collector’s craze by doing a search for the remaining 1 of 1000 Model 73s.

(1) Pictures Jimmy Stuart raising the Winchester ’73 to his shoulder above a banner surrounded by cavalry, indians, stagecoach scenes and outlaws with Shelly Winters in the lower left corner. Bottom border has 1950 Universal Pictures Co copyright with “40084” followed by “50-408″. Image size is 39″ by 24 1/2”. Frame size is 46 1/4″ by 32″ in an ornate hardwood frame with green matted borders. Condition is so clean & bright that it suggests a quality reproduction.

(2) Depicts Jimmy Stuart hugging Shelly Winters while holding the 1 of 1000 rifle in his left hand. Upper left corner has a Delta Films S.A. trademark. Bottom edge has Spanish language markings with “V-1100-1964″. Image size is 38 1/2″ by 25 7/8”. Framed size is 46″ by 33 1/2″ over an ornate hardwood frame and green matted borders. Poster is in very good condition showing some age related fading and yellowing.


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