Desirable Fully Transferable Australian Austen SMG by Taylor Manufacturing

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August 29, 2023

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Desirable Fully Transferable Australian Austen SMG by Taylor Manufacturing


Cal. 9mm
S# BT124

Bbl. 8″

The Australian Austen SMG is a blowback operated, open bolt design that was conceived as an updated British Sten with some features they desired from the German MP40 in the 1940s. To a connoisseur of either, the distinct features will be immediately obvious. Essentially a Sten tubular receiver, barrel and feed system have been mated with deal MP40 style grips and an under folding stock.

The name was derived simply from the words Australian STEN. Those that do surface are often painted a shade of green and this example is no exception. Finish is a yellow / green camoflauge painted pattern. It was built by Taylor Manufacturing of Decatur, GA. utilizing an original Austen parts kit, built on a transferable MKII Sten tube.

The quick change barrel is secured with a threaded, 3″ ventilated barrel shroud. The magazine feeds from a mag. well on the left side, presented horizontally, and utilizes standard Sten magazines as well as the original 28 rd. mags. Mag. well marked w/ DC logo (Diecasters Ltd) & “AUSTEN MK1 / No__ / K ^ H”. Tube marked; “TAYLOR MFG DACETUR, GA”.

Sights are very similar to the Sten design with a front chevron blade and rear peep that is integral to the cap welded at the rear of the tube. Under folding stock is unlocked for folding by depressing a button on the top, rear of the tube.

The shoulder portion folds to mate with front pistol grip when in closed position. Front and rear pistol grips utilize dark brown 2 piece plastic grip panels on each. Selector is a cross slide pin located forward of the trigger mechanism marked “R” for semiautomatic & “A” for fully automatic function. Right side reciprocating, knurled charging handle.

Action operating spring is quite similar to the MP40, utilizing a telescoping rod with internal spring, rather than the archaic exposed spring design of a traditional Sten design. Left side mounted, green canvas sling.

MAGS: 1 original 28 rd. with knurled section marked; “AUSTEN / DC” on left & “28 ROUNDS / 9MM” on right side. 1 Sten 30 rd. 



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