Extraordinarily Fun 45-70 Thunder Valley Gatling Gun

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August 29, 2023

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Extraordinarily Fun 45-70 Thunder Valley Gatling Gun


Cal. 45-70
S# 1005
Bbl. 31″

A full scale, functional reproduction of the well known 1883 Battery Gun.

These guns boast a large round brass receiver with an exposed 10 barrel cluster. Heavy duty circular name plate with the original Gatling nomenclature, directly behind the feed mechanism that reads “GATLING’S BATTERY GUN / PAT. NOV 4. 1862 / MAY 9. 1865 / FEB 28. 1871 / APR 9. 1872 / MADE BY COLT’S PT. FIRE ARMS / MFG CO / HARTFORD, CONN. U.S.A.” Running parallel with the barrel cluster are 2 steel frame rails on either side, right side of receiver rail marked “Thunder Valley Machine Co. Clinton, Ohio. SN 1005”.

The feed mechanism is the circular Accles positive feed device. They are often referred to as a 100 round magazines though it is not uncommon for them to hold any capacity between 99-104 rounds, (we are uncertain of the capacity on this gun).

The gun is mounted on a classic style field carriage w/ 48″ wooden spoked wheels. Steel hubs & external steel wheel band. Gun measures 55″ in length & overall length on carriage is 85″ w/ a width of 58″. Gun & carriage utilize a brass pintle allowing several degrees of elevation adjustment utilizing the screw elevation mechanism at the rear, below the receiver.

MAGS: 1 Accles power feed drum.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: black steel tripod w/ central chain. The legs are 34″ in length & the height from the ground to the bottom of the receiver is 30″. 


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