Extremely Rare Confederate “Jeb Stuart” Cavalry Button

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Extremely Rare Confederate “Jeb Stuart” Cavalry Button


The famous “Jeb Stuart” button is arguably one of the rarest & most sought after of all the buttons of the Confederacy. Albert # CS-144-A. The button was locally mfg. & features a Confederate 1st National flag on pole with dual tassels over crossed swords, all topped by a bold “C S A”.

Despite the popular belief that this button was mfg. with a tinned iron back, this example, as well as 2 others I have personally examined, has a pewter back with a narrow, depressed channel. The shank is copper or coppery brass.

The button comes with an early paper envelope inscribed with a dip pen that reads, “2d Bull Run Va Battlefield Picked up by K J H. Aug 29. 1862”.

According to family history, this button was picked up by a New York soldier who later guarded prisoners at Elmira, New York, where he was from. 

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