Ainsworth Inspected Colt Cavalry Model SAA Revolver

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August 29, 2023

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Ainsworth Inspected Colt Cavalry Model SAA Revolver


Cal. 45
S# 762

Bbl. 7 1/2” w/ Hartford address and blade sight.

Six shot fluted cyl. Blue and case colored finish. Left side of frame is stamped “U.S.”. Trigger guard below S# and cyl. are stamped “A” referring to principal sub inspector Orville W. Ainsworth. Hammer slot in frame has inspection mark “C”. Bbl., frame and grip straps have matching numbers.

1 Piece walnut grips. Left panel has “OWA” cartouche. The first U.S. government contract for 8,000 cavalry revolvers were in the S# range of 200-14,343 and were inspected at the Colt plant from mid October 1873 through November 7, 1874. Revolvers from this order were used during the major Indian wars & at Custer’s Last Stand.

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: copy of page 218 from the Colt peacemaker encyclopedia/volume 2 giving the following information for this S#; “762, 71/2 .45, Cavalry Model, ‘762’ under barrel in front base pin not under ejector housing, no assembly or bin number”.


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