Pair Fine Cased Colt 1860 Army Revolvers

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August 29, 2023

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Pair Fine Cased Colt 1860 Army Revolvers


Cal. 44
S# 163155, 172753

Bbls. 8″ round w/ German silver blade front sights, New York addresses, round rebated six shot cyls. w/ naval scene rolled engraving, blue & case colored finishes w/ silver finished brass trigger guards & 1 piece walnut grips.

(Gun 1) S# 163155. Bbl., frame, grip straps, cyl. & wedge have matching numbers. Mfg. 1867. 

(Gun 2) S# 172753. Bbl., frame, grip straps & cyl. have matching numbers. Wedge is numbered 1957. Mfg. 1868. 

UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: added period style casing w/ brass corners & strapping. Red velour fitted interior. Case contains powder flask, 2 cavity mold, nipple wrench, oil bottle, 1 cap tin, 1 tin containing 4 spare nipples, round balls & bullets. Also included is 1 wrapped six round package of 44-100 combustible envelope cartridges.


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