inv# 21-764

Cal. 7.62x54R. S# 701417. Bbl. 27”.

The NDM-86 is a Chinese mfg. commercial version of the Russian SVD. The SVD earned its fame as a Red Army issued sniper rifle & many other Warsaw pact nations during the Cold War. It’s easy to tell that it is a relative of the iconic Kalashnikov family of rifles which is well known for its durability worldwide. Like the AK, the NDM-86 is a self-loading gas operated rifle w/ a short stroke gas piston system that utilizes a locking rotating bolt. It differs from the Kalashnikov series in that it has been modified to utilize a rimmed cartridge such as the 7.62x54R, though it was also imported into the United States chambered in 7.62×51 NATO in similar numbers. Unlike earlier counterparts the muzzle brake/flash hider isn’t a threaded add on accessory but part of the front sight assembly. Integral w/ the hooded post sight assembly is a bayonet lug. Rear sight is a tangent design marked to 1200m. Furniture is an extremely attractive reddish wood w/ a medium gloss ventilated in a similar fashion to the SVD.

Exposed metal surfaces are finished in a dark black satin. Rear skeletal stock & pistol grip assembly utilize a leather cheek piece affixed w/ a clamp. Swivel sling placement is on left side of rifle w/ an attachment point at the front gas block & on the rear to the skeletal stock assembly. Left side scope mount integral to the milled receiver. Right side safety/selector. Left side receiver markings “CSI ONT CA.”, “7.62X54R”, “NDM-86”. Right side receiver markings “NORINCO”, “CHINA”. Matching numbers or variants there of appear on several key components, including receiver, trigger, safety/selector, the bolt carrier, etc. Marking on stock left side high on pistol grip appears to be “300470”, though variable stamping pressures & thickness of finish make it difficult to read.

Included optic appears to be Chinese 1985 type 4 power sight w/ 24mm objective. This scope was mfg. in factory 833 & includes the IR detector & battery powered illuminated reticle. W/ the included factory mount, it may be removed from the rifle & replaced w/ out jeopardizing prior zero. Scope is in metal factory shipping/storage crate which is numbered w/ the scope w/ mfg. certification illustrating date of mfg. Mar. 17 1990. MAGS: 4 original 10 rd. mags.

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