inv# 21-568

Cal. 7.62×39. S# 523550. Bbl. 16 1/2″. The ultimate in 1980s gun culture were the Norinco plant AK47 variants that were once so plentiful & inexpensive. As their popularity increased in the United States w/ shooters & collectors & the availability of the once rare 7.62x39mm ammunition became plentiful & inexpensive, we were faced w/ the first of numerous pieces of legislation dealing w/ the propaganda push of the day & firearms w/ similar attributes were branded “assault weapons” & eventually heavily restricted. One of the first restrictions to go into effect was mandated by executive order w/ out legislative involvement & banned the importation of guns that didn’t qualify as having a sporting purpose.

The Norinco type 56 rifle, such as this, was one of the first & most impacted examples. Fortunately, this one was imported prior to these draconian measures & is available today. One of the most noticeable features is the bottom folding metal stock that was designed to completely fold over & around a loaded 30 rd. mag. This particular example is a textbook piece w/ its orange tinted wood furniture, still in factory packaging as it left China. Stamped receiver. Hooded front sight post & rear sight adj. in elevation to 800m. Safety selector on right side of receiver. Complete w/ its bayonet, scabbard, threaded bbl., & slanted muzzle brake. MAGS: 3-30 rd. factory.

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