inv# 01-18978

Cal. 76. NSN. Bbl. 46 1/8″.

A wonderful example of a 1st Model Brown Bess Pattern 1756 Irish Long Land musket. The markings on the top of the bbl. indicate issuance to the King’s Own Regiment. The 4th, or King’s Own Regiment, was ordered to North American in February of 1774 & arrived nearly 6 months later in late summer. They were one of the first regiments to enter Boston along with the 23rd & 47th regiments under the command of Brigadier Lord Percy. The Grenadier Companies as well as the Light Companies based in Boston fought at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. The King’s Own left for Charleston, South Carolina in June of 1776 & then later on to New York where they fought in the Battle of Brooklyn on August 27, 1776. Members of the King’s Own took heavy casualties at Brooklyn as well as at Haarlem 20 days later. They took part in the Battles of Brandywine & Germantown as well as fighting during the expedition to Philadelphia. The Regiment left for the West Indies late in 1778. The bbl. is clearly marked on the top close to the breech, “KS OWN REGT”. There are 2 proofs to the left side of the bolster. The lock is marked to the rear of the hammer, “DUBLIN CASTLE” & shows the distinctive 1st Model single screw. In front of the hammer, it is marked, “(crown) / GR” with a broad arrow mark to the right. Brass trigger guard, buttplate, escutcheon shield, sideplate, ramrod thimbles, entry thimble & nosecap. The iron sling swivels are present along with the iron ramrod. The stock has a carved raised area behind the bbl. tang & a single deep marking behind the sideplate.

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