inv # 18-5015

Cal. 22 LR. S# B1. Internet research indicates only 87 mfg. 1966-1967 by Dick Casull, who designed the famous 454 Casull cartridge & was co-founder of Freedom Arms. All were hand built & very costly when produced. Similar in appearance to Lewis Machine Gun & said to be predecessor to American 180 rifle. Fires from open bolt & feeds from drum mounted on top of receiver. Unusual bolt face w/ raised vertical bar striking cartridge rim on 2 edges at once for more reliable ignition. Finned 16 1/2″ bbl. numbered B1 w/ built up portion at front similar in appearance to Cutts compensator, but w/out slots. Stock set similar to military Thompson SMG w/ grooved straight forend, finger grooved pistol grip & push button removable buttstock w/out buttplate; all walnut. Sights consist of receiver sight similar in appearance to those used on Belgium Browning’s mounted onto grooved rail at rear. Front sight is simple post at center of drum above its pivot. MAGS: 1 approx. 290 rd. pan drum numbered B1 w/ slight repaired dent at 10 o’clock position (viewed from top); retains proper mechanical functioning. CONDITION: very good overall appearance w/ some spotty stained areas on sides of receiver. Mag. pivot has been professionally repaired w/ new base & post sight pin at top. Very good appearing bbl. finish. Numerous light handling marks on stock set; mostly on bottom of forend & toe line of buttstock. Light scratch on buttstock near right bottom rear of receiver has appearance of crack but careful examination indicates a scratch. Near excellent bore. Extremely rare firearm w/ very high capacity. (18-5015/NW). CURIO. $3,500-5,000.