Inv. numbers: 1) S# 61683SA. (20-111). 2) S# 61684SA. (20-112). 3) S# 61685SA. (20-113). 4) S# 61686SA. (20-114).

cal. 45.
S# 61683SA, 4 3/4” w/ class “A” engraving;
S# 61684SA , 5 1/2” w/ class “B” engraving;
S# 61685SA, 7 1/2” w/ class “C” engraving
S# 61686SA, 12” w/ class “Custom” engraving.

Prior to 1973 Colt engraving nomenclature was A, B, C, and Custom & was then changed to A, B, C, and D in late 1973.

This is an outstanding 4 gun cased set that is consecutive numbered. Blue & case hardened finish, case hardening is outstanding & indicative of the quality of work from the early 70’s. All have 2 piece walnut grips w/ deep dish medallions like those used in the 1920’s, w/ 4 different barrel lengths and 4 different classes of engraving offered by Colt in 1973, all executed by the Dean of American Engraving, Alvin A. White. These 4 guns were shipped from Colt on November 14, 1972 “in the white” to A.A. White Engravers Inc. for engraving and finishing as stated in the enclosed factory letter. Also enclosed is a letter dated November 17, 1972 from A.A. White Engravers Inc. and signed by the manager at that time, R.L. (Larry) Wilson to the customer stating they had received the guns from Colt, were ready to proceed with engraving and had the old style medallions on hand as well. The intent was to have them completed for the customer to take to the Las Vegas show in February 1973 but that did not happen. The engraving was performed personally by Alvin White (not just someone in his shop) and completed in October 1973 as shown on the enclosed letter dated May 1st, 1989 to the current consigner. In this letter Alvin White states that the buntline was “D” engraved instead of “Custom” engraved most likely because it was at the time of transition in nomenclature for late 1973, and subsequently class “D” came to be known as “full coverage”. However this buntline is custom engraved, not full coverage. The rarity of a 4 gun engraved consecutive numbered set with the 4 different classes of engraving and 4 different barrel lengths in Second Generation Colts is unequalled.

These 4 guns were part of the Colt Collectors Association display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody WY in 2003 and are pictured on page 309 of the book “Colt and Its Collectors”. This lot has been in the private collection of the consigner for over 30 years and not previously offered at auction.

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