inv# 21-957

Cal. 45 ACP. S# C199538. Bbl. 5″.

Mfg. 1941 for Argentine contract. 500 ordered; half for Argentine Navy dept. in Buenos Aires & half went to Argentine Naval Commission in Washington D.C. Factory Colt letter for C199540 states July 26, 1941 to Argentina & group of 250; reasonable to assume this one was in that order (2 digits off). Additional unusual feature is that pistol is fitted w/ scarce Colt Swartz safety. Standard Colt Government Model commercial markings w/ addition of (right side of slide forward of cocking grooves) REPUBLICA ARGENTINA / ARMADA NACIONAL – 1941″. Full checkered Colt walnut grips. Top of slide between port & rear sight stamped w/ Argentine crest. Standard thin blade semi-circular front sight & U-notched rear. Front of left leg on bbl. stamped “R”. Wide spur 1911 style hammer & coarse checkered arched mainspring housing w/ lanyard loop. Top of frame near disconnector stamped “S”. “VP” proof on trigger guard below “X”; “73” on opposite side. MAGS: very good 2 tone 7 rd.