Colt Donut Style Engraved 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver
inv # 01-15420

Lot: 3079A

Caliber: 44

Barrel: 7 1/2″ w/ German silver blade front. Top flat is marked “ADDRESS SAMl COLT NEW-YORK CITY”

Cylinder: 6 Shot rnd. roll engraved w/ rectangular cyl. stops.

MFG: 1852

NOTES: In “The Colt Engraving Book” by R.L. Wilson, this gun is mentioned by number on page 36 as follows: “A few specimens in the donut style scroll have panel scenes on the barrel lug, comparable to the Second Model Dragoon number 10333 and to Third Model Dragoons numbers 12384, 12397, and 12398. (George R. Repaire Collection)”.

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