Colt Model 1911A1 Commercial To Military Conversion Semi Auto Pistol
inv # 18-4517

Caliber: 45 ACP

Sights: Thin, rounded front sight. Flat top rear sight w/ rounded notch.

Markings: Right side of receiver marked “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” over S# & “M1911A1 U.S.ARMY” in front of slide stop pin. Right upper trigger guard bow has final assembler’s mark “40”. Ordnance mark in front of hammer pin is crisp. Slide shows standard Colt commercial patent nomenclature & address w/out rampant colt in center. Right side of slide marked “COLT AUTOMATIC” over “CALIBRE” over rampant colt. Receiver left marked “P” below mag. catch. “G.H.D” marked below slide stop. Upper trigger guard bow has verified proof under final inspector “R” mark. Slide top marked “P” in front of rear sight. Bbl. marked “COLT 45 AUTO” along axis of bbl. w/ “S” (sales) in front of lug.

Notes: When the war started, Colt had approx. 5000 commercial pistols in stock which were requisitioned by the Government & converted to Military pistols by peening out the commercial S# & Government Mode markings then remarking them w/ military markings, including the # under the firing pin stop plate. Most of these pistols have their original commercial bbls. & commercial mags.

Status: Curio

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